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Nothing changed much here, not even the quarter’s spirit, as in Vasco Pratolini’s famous novel The Girls of San Frediano. Walking the streets of this part of town you will easily meet some local characters, with a swift tongue speaking lots of local idioms.

Break for a Taste
If San Frediano shares its border with another great quarter like Santo Spirito, whilst keeping the charm of bog spaces and magnificent churches like Carmine or Cestello, on the other hand the medieval walls surround park and very well cured restaurants, like the excellent Bistrot Santa Rosa.

You can find many groceries at affordable, non-tourist prices and trattorias where local people still hang around.


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San Frediano, "l'East Village" a due passi da Ponte Vecchio



1499268351 pescaia
Sunbath at Pescaia Santarosa
1499268445 santa rosa fi
Santarosa bistrot
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1481125798 piazzadelcarmine
Piazza del Carmine