An expectation of being surrounded with ‘the best the world has to offer’ - and never settling for less - guides every detail of your perfectly 'to the moon and back' holiday.

This means nothing less than high-speed train connections in first class or a fascinating hot air balloon for exploring Italy and a well-designed apartment in the city center within the shadows of the renaissance monuments of Florence. Or perhaps an exclusive private villa sheltered among the lush green Tuscan countryside or near the shores of the Mediterranean? Sheer elegance manifests itself each time an option is identified that truly speaks to you.

Follow our suggestions for realizing your vacation in the finest style and leave it to us to organize all the details. A table in a private dining room of an exclusive restaurant, evening access to the Galleria dell’Accademia with Michelangelo’s David all to yourself without the crowds, the address of the latest trendy private bar hidden away on a quiet side street -