We won’t tell you Florence is the capital of the Renaissance, you already know. 
We won’t try to sell you small reproductions of the David and Botticelli’s portraits: we will give you the chance to go beneath the surface. Our task will be to make you experience the world of art hatching a plot through the centuries and which still blooms in Tuscany. Street art speaks with timeless classics, Strozzi Palace shows contemporary works, the Museum of the nineteen hundreds fully tells us the last century, Opera del Duomo proposes a timeless yet suggestive experience.

We will make you discover architecture and design, with tours with expert guides, making you stay in apartments with character, inside that open-air museum that is the historical center of Florence.
Art lovers and design addicted are among the most beloved visitors of ours: we share the passion for the personas that built Florence, the hidden museums, and the churches. We can not mention Uffizi and the Galleria dell'Accademia. We will play our aces up our sleeves by making you skip the long lines and find a guided tour in your preferred language.
Art, Stendhal would say, can make you faint. Did you know Florence is the city where this syndrome mostly occurs? 
But we invite you to experience and enjoy art. 
Let us build your journey to discovery together.

ADENIA accommodation acacia firenze
Home Office


A 5 star feeling to discover the city! Studio apartment

Running Art Tour service acacia firenze

Running Art Tour

The perfect combination for a sporty art lover In Town

€ 60

PALMA accommodation acacia firenze


A vacation rental with a secret garden 1 Bedroom Apartment

 ideas acacia firenze

Vuoi portare a casa un ricordo della nostra città? By Lorenzo Concas

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Sleeping in a beautiful italian style home to discover a hidden Florence 2 Bedroom Apartment

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Easy Leaving


In the most romantic street of the city Studio apartment

Private Transfer with a Van service acacia firenze

Private Transfer with a Van

A comfortable arrival to your Hotel from the airport or from the Train station In Town

from € 45

Where to park in Florence blog acacia firenze

Where to park in Florence

Florence old town centre is a "Limited Traffic Zone" and since Florence is a UNESCO Heritage Site, it makes sense to protect it in this way. We welcome you

Art Class service acacia firenze

Art Class

Oil painting or sculpture? Show your talent In Town

JEFF KOONS- SHINE tip acacia firenze


Jeff Koons will be the subject of a focused and groundbreaking exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi, the largest exhibition of his work ever hosted in Italy. Developed in close dialogue with the artist, and curated by Arturo Galansino and Joachim Pissarro, the exhibition will bring to Florence some of the most celebrated works of this master who, from the mid 1970s until the present day, forged a reputation as one of the most important figures of the global contemporary art scene. Responsible for works that have entered our collective imagination, largely thanks to his unique and deft ability to marry high and popular culture, Koons regards “shine” as a key feature of his artwork – from the post-modern reinvention of the ready-made to works in perfectly polished metal that appear like inflatable toys. Indeed, “shine” is far more than an ornament: it is the very substance of these works, as this reflective property brings together appearance and essence. The exhibition will be showcasing a broad selection of the artist’s paintings and sculptures on loan from international collections and museums to explore the concept of “shine” from the splendorous to the gleaming, and from being to seeming: an ambiguous game that characterises Koons’s work using materials and subject matter that call into question our relationship with daily reality and with the very concept of a work of art. Visit Palazzo Strozzi

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Two gorgeous windows will be your screen, the city will be the movie to see 2 Bedroom Apartment

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The warmth of a personal touch 1 Bedroom Apartment

Florence from Inside: the Perfect Week blog acacia firenze

Florence from Inside: the Perfect Week

7 days: the right time to find happiness in the city We welcome you

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Hidden quite gem on the vibrant Oltrarno 2 Bedroom Apartment