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We cannot reveal all the details about this service because you will actually provide the details! What we can say is that having dinner at Camilla’s is undoubtedly a luxury experience. A very interesting menu and all it takes to make a dinner an unforgettable event is just within reach.

Being it a romantic anniversary or a business meeting, our chef is the right person to fill your kitchen with fresh and highly selected products from trusted and reliable long-time vendors. Cooking her dishes gives your house a warm, nice atmosphere, as smells rise from the fire and stoves.

This service allows you to enjoy fantastic, freshly prepared dishes from a five star chef who will put all her experience, attention and care into her creations. You will enjoy custom menus from the typical Tuscan recipes and more. You can go veggie, for fish or vegan, anything is possible. Great food served with high quality wines.

Price to be defined according o your needs.

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Antipasto mon amour
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Food is... a wide selection of italian bread
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The famous Florentine Steak
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