In a magnificent Renaissance Palace, the Antinori Corsini Serristori Palace  just a few steps away from Piazza Santa Croce, a unique, sensorial experience with the very talented Duo  a very skilled and versatile piano player and a professional and very powerful Mezzo Soprano Opera singer.

Twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, Concerto a Palazzo offers you concerts with very fascinating programs, carefully studied and selected to accompany you through Arias and Operas which also reveal aspects of the Classic Music you may not know yet. On each single evening the performances offer different programs from the previous ones, this to give you also the opportunity to repeat the experience if you wish, as it would be another enjoyable evening.
During the evening you will be captured by the enchanting Arias from the most famous Italian Operas. The charm of the location combined with the skills and talents of the Duo will make your evening an incredible experience, and once you tried it, you would want to repeat it.

The proposal is double for every single evening, the evening starts from 7.15 pm with an Aperitif “the Florentine way” at Palazzo, just before the first Concert which begins at 7.45 pm on time, or if instead you want to attend the second Concert which starts at 9.15pm, here the proposal is to have dinner before the Concert at 7 pm in one of the most characteristic and trendy restaurants in Florence, “Cucina Torcicoda”.

Concert and Aperitif: 75,00 €.
Concert and Dinner: 95,00 €

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