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Open your eyes and start to wake up between the sheets of your home in Florence. The thought of the breakfast basket waiting for you in the kitchen makes the corners of your mouth widening into a smile.

Acacia does for you what only a mother, a grandmother or a romantic boyfriend can imagine: we buy milk for you at 0 Km, biscuits, sugar and coffee, honey, a cake as soft as a caress, a creamy and colored yogurt, corn flakes and fresh fruit bought from the outdoor market.

Nutella is unmissable on the Italian table. Do you prefer to taste it on white bread, on the dark one or on toast?

Decide it yourself. To develop your palate, trying combinations with jam and butter or honey.
For those who prefer continental breakfast, there are also 4 organic eggs, tea for drink and two fruit juices.

Quantity for 2 persons for one morning.

Book your "Breakfast at home" home delivery service and you will find it when you arrive at home!

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The italian coffee machine
1479206302 breakfastbasket
A basket full of goodies
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Bread and butter