Entering a place, whether it is a room or a house, means crossing a door and often the look is looking for something in which the other senses are involved. The warmth, the feeling of welcome that we feel on the skin, the colors and especially the perfumes. There are many emotions that we perceive when there are good smells, such as entering a pastry shop where freshly baked sweets permeate the air of a perfume that makes us mouth water or visit a garden in spring where flowers quieten souls in war.

Extrasensory experience in Florence

In the historic city of Florence there is a laboratory that works and mixes fragrances. This quaint little shop respects ancient traditions where the art of perfumery has very ancient roots. The Aquaflor laboratory does not limit itself to making dozen perfumes, but offers real extrasensory experiences.

Inside the laboratory you will be welcomed by a cozy atmosphere with wooden furniture and rugs as if it were an environment out of time, but to hit your attention will be the many scents that will make you daydream.

In this place they offer 3 types of experiences:

- A sophisticated and professional environment

- Creation of the perfume

- A personalized perfume

The perfume creation, in the Aquaflor laboratory, is carried out according to guidelines that will be explained on how to "taste", at an olfactory level, the perfumes and essential oils that will be offered to you. Olfactory perceptions will help you to understand what kind you are and what your dreams, character and desires are. 

These are learning techniques to train you to perceive the external world according to what makes you happy. The tours are organized by a staff that has made the world of perfume its work by combining a strong passion.

In this laboratory you can also attend workings that are no longer used, as they are artisanal, but keep intact the aromas of various components of natural elements, leaving them fresh and sweet. From Aquaflor you will experience the artistic value of this ancient art that makes us understand how the Florentine history continues to keep its secrets to release them in sweet memories to take away with you in a small bottle of perfume.

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Personalized perfume

In the Aquaflor laboratories, at the end of the tour after various tastings and after having indoctrinated you to the ancient perfumers techniques, you can create your personalized perfume.

Every one of us has a personal way of seeing things in the outside world and living them according to their character, all this state of emotions could be mixed in a perfume that is all ours.

Think about when we enter a room with an ethnic style, it increases its beauty if you use strong fragrances, which make us remember the ancient places and traditions, perhaps of tribe. The same happens in oriental environments where the spices, with their pungent scent, reminds us of distant people, rivers, colorful costumes and makeup that recalls the Sun.

While in Italian environments the scent of flowers and citrus is the master. In this way you will be able to understand what is the "power" of a personalized perfume, which identifies ourselves.

A unique experience that we can live in this small Florentine laboratory, Aquaflor, which offers us the opportunity to visit not only monuments and history, but alternative places, different experiences, to take away the true sense of the artists and artisans who lived in this beautiful city, Florence, and that hide their secrets in a bottle of sensations.

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