Since June 2017 most of our apartments rely on new technology, half concierge, and half an n always-connected phone.

Meet little big Handy, the smartphone customers arriving from all over the world in Acacia the Perfect Holiday will find starting from the month of June. What is Handy, specifically?

Half smartphone, half virtual concierge: this is Handy, a very sophisticated telephone developed by Tink Labs, start-up in Hong Kong. I am sure some of you heard about it already. Although it cannot be bought, it can be found in some of the best hotels in the world at the guests’ total disposal for their entire stay. It provides unlimited connection to the phone line and to the Internet, but also useful information on means of transportation, events and places to see.

Besides discovering Florence and Tuscany using a telephone that is always connected for free, with Handy you can also make international calls for free. Isn’t it great? Without a doubt, for those coming from Australia, United States, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong, China and other countries for which free calls are already enabled.


When in standby, Handy welcomes guests with the following sentences: I am free, I am social, I am your city guide. All applications we normally use, such as Skype or Facebook, Tinder and Candy Crash can be downloaded from Handy’s app repository. Data cancellation can be programmed at start-up or anytime, which is an absolute guarantee for customers’ privacy. When finished using it, Handy loses memory of your use and logins, ready to become the best full functioning, discrete and efficient travelmate for the next user.“ After its initial success in international markets such as Hong Kong and London, Handy is becoming successful in Italy as well. We are confident keeping guests connected to their destination is essential to guarantee a much deeper experience for travellers, hotel managers and the cities as tourist destinations," says Terence Kwok.

Welcome to Acacia, Handy! From now on, you are part of the team.