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Acacia connects the demanding of curious travelers with accommodations and services that are the key to access the really special Florence that is described through the eyes and hearts of true Florentine people, but shaped according the tastes, desires and advices of many travelers. Acacialife

How we handle COVID_19? WE TAKE CARE-19 blog acacia firenze

How we handle COVID_19? WE TAKE CARE-19

We aim to offer a totally safe stay experience, in compliance with the National Protocol for Safe Hospitality and the WHO protocol #WETAKECARE-19. We welcome you

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We love the moment we meet new people from all over the world. Every week we invite our guests to an "aperitivo". Melania, part of the crew, will be glad to offer a superb glass of wine

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Do you want to stop at our office? Bring a flower or a present from your country and we'll open a bottle of Chianti wine

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Isotta, Isotta dai che ce la fai ( cantava Pippo Franco) e questi messaggi sono la nostra forza! Grazie Francesca Airbnb scrive : "Hai ospitato Francesca nel tuo alloggio, TIMO Ampio monolocale di fronte all' Accademia, il giorno gennaio 2020. Questo ospite desidera dimostrarti il suo apprezzamento per tutto quello che fai come host"

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Matteo is the one who wrote the code of this website! Maledetti nerd...

 ideas acacia firenze

This website is completely static... Amazing, isn't it?! Don't you know what it means? We neither! But we are so happy of Dato, the CMS that allows us to manage every single content in here! Go, and take a look to this awesome startup from Florence.

Hi, I'm Diana, a mum and an exuberant woman, as I consider myself: a manager of my life.

Acacia Firenze, my Travel Concierge Service company has started many years ago thanks to my experience as a traveler and after many years in Fashion business. I have imagined a new way to offer hospitality in my city, opening first my own family residence in Palazzo Pepi and giving the opportunity to discover a place from the perspective of the residents, the people who have their homes in the historical center.

In many years I have built a good connection either with the community of other travellers or the florentines, all in order to exchange ideas and experiences. From this ground grew Acacia Firenze - The Perfect Holiday, now a well known travel consulting agency that offers also hospitality and tourist services to private travelers and coorporate.

A project now supported by a team of friends, all women, whose intention is to make guests feel at home, even those arriving in Florence for the very first time.

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