Just for its location, this home is a winner. You are in the heart of Florence here, close to Santa Croce Church, and you also have the bonus of being on a quiet street, often a rarity in such a central location and 2' from the Food Market.

  • Address & Map: via dei Macci
  • Size: .
  • Floor: .
  • Elevator: .
  • Wifi speed: .
  • Decibel Level: .
  • APE: .
Cuddles by Acacia
An in-person greeting or a self check-in
7/7 Assistance
Soft and fluffy house linen
Exclusive Acacia Florence City Map
Easy self check out
Free luggage storage at Acacia Office
Courtesy set by Lorenzo Villoresi

What we love about this space

The colorful room
The huge windows and floods of light
Winding down and relax in the cosy bed
Cook and have a meal at home
The spacious shower
A minute walk from the Market

Get lost in Sant'Ambrogio

There is no better way to discover a town than by getting lost in its stories and feel the scents and flavours coming from the market stalls.

What you loved about LILLA

C.I. 048017LTN3199